Should Hold’em Players be Honing Their Blackjack Skills in order to Excel at Poker?

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In the cutthroat world of Texas Hold’em poker where the number of players increases by the year, players need to do everything they can to take their game to the next level. The World Series of Poker figures say it all - at the start of the poker boom, when Robert Varkonyi won the main event in 2002 there were 631 entrants; last year when Scott Blumstein emerged victorious, there were 7,221. Professional poker players will attest that the game is getting more difficult as a greater number of skilled players have risen up through the ranks, and now many people are turning to new strategies to improve their poker abilities. One way to get better is to master another hugely popular card game - blackjack.

Blackjack and Poker – the Similarities

While both blackjack and Texas Hold’em involve the player being dealt two cards, the games differ greatly from there. Poker requires a lot of skill and pits players against the others at the table. Blackjack features a slightly greater amount of chance - but still quite a lot of skill - and the player only faces off against one person – the dealer. Despite this variation in gameplay, there are some strong similarities between the two card games. To become adept at either game, players need to have a strong understanding of probability. They also have to put their quick-fire maths skills to good use in both games.

In poker, some players excel by reading their opponents and bluffing, while others use math to calculate their chances of winning. In blackjack, it is imperative that players know what their chances of winning are when they decide whether they should hit or stand. When playing at 32Red mobile casino, players have access to fast-paced blackjack games like Classic Blackjack Multihand. Playing games like this can train players to think quickly and hone their mental arithmetic skills. They can then take these new attributes to the poker table and use them there.

How to take Blackjack Skills to the Poker Table

The good news for players who want to get their fill of both of these card games is the fact that it has never been easier to switch between games easily. The 32Red mobile offering has all of its games in one location, and from the home screen, players can find blackjack, roulette, poker, or slots. Other online casinos and poker sites like mFortune and Pacific Poker, which started off with desktop versions, now also have mobile offerings. People who really want to test their mathematical ability could even play one game on their mobile, and another on the desktop.

Once you’ve found a good blackjack site to play at, you need to start getting some practice in and referring to probability charts when deciding what to do with your hand. For example, expert players will know that if the dealer’s up card is a 5, then their odds of busting are 42.89 percent and the player’s advantage is close to its highest at 23.2 percent. They should also know the probability that they will go bust depending on their own starting hands. A starting hand of 12 has a 31 percent chance of going bust, while a starting hand of 17 has a 69 percent chance of going bust if the player chooses to hit.

This kind of knowledge of probability and remembering what the chances of certain outcomes are can be applied to the poker table. Proficient poker players know that if they are dealt a starting hand of pocket aces, they have around an 80 percent chance of winning the hand pre-flop. Pocket kings would give them roughly a 70 percent chance of prevailing. Knowing things like this can help with betting decisions, and in tournaments, many players feel like these hands should be taken to an all-in scenario.

For people who are playing a lot of poker and fancy a break, switching to a few games of blackjack every now and then can be beneficial. Playing other mind games like chess could also help when it comes to thinking a few moves ahead and trying to predict what other players will do. There is no doubt that in the cutthroat world of modern poker, players need to do all they can to take their game to higher levels. 


Free Spins Bonus: A Simple Guide

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Are you aware of the fact that many online casinos are providing money for free? For instance, bet365 Free spins will help you play for free on different slot machines on one of the most popular online gambling and betting websites in the world – Bet365. The best part is that the money you make while using these free spins is all yours. So, do you want to learn how this type of bonus works? If the answer is yes, keep reading this article.

Free Spins Bonus Explained

Free spins, or free spins bonus, is a unique type of casino bonus available to online slot machine players such as Venice Magic Slot for instance. In most cases, people can use this bonus on specific, new slots. Of course, there are different offers in online casinos, but the terms are more or less the same – you can play for free, turn the winnings into a bonus and unlock them with a wager. The wager represents the number of times players must play with the free money they’ve won in order to withdraw the money. Generally speaking, most online casinos are requiring 15x, 20x or 30x wagers. Those who will keep playing with their winnings can keep the money they’ve earned (profits included). Don’t forget that if you are using a no-deposit offer/bonus, the wager will be higher (40x, 50x etc.).

Another thing that is worth mentioning about playing casino games, especially slot games, for free is the free play offer. Many online casinos have an offer like this and with it, you will get a certain amount of time which you can use to play your favorite slot games for free. Once the time has passed, you can keep the winnings. Of course, the winnings are limited. The amount you have at the end of the bonus time is turned into a bonus that you will have to wager. The terms are same as the ones we’ve described before.

There is no doubt that these free spins are very exciting. With their help, you can keep playing, but you don’t have to use your own money to do this. Typically, you will have to land a combination of specific symbols on your slot machine to win these spins. So, if you play for a longer period of time, you can expect to get these spins.

There are many reasons why people love online slot games and the opportunity to win free spins is just one of them!

Some Dangers That You Might face When Playing Online Poker

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Poker is an exciting game of gambling. Earlier it was played in live casinos but after the birth of internet people can just relax and enjoy the game from the comfort of their home. There are many online casinos and you can get started by signing up and downloading their software.

When you start playing poker online along with certain advantages you will come across some dangers. Some of the danger that you might face are:

1. Normally in online casinos you need to create a bankroll by transferring money. But what is the guarantee that the site will pay you the amount upon request? All the poker sites are beyond the legal reach thus when selecting online casino make sure that it holds reputation in the cyber world. Usually reputable websites are fast in payments. You must also check if the website is financially strong before selecting it for gaming purpose.

2. Site security is another danger you might face if you are not careful. Normally in business where there is a huge amount of money transaction there is risk of hacking and dishonesty. These are mostly done by the people working internally because they have access to all the information provided by the players at the time of joining. Among the information the credit card number, bank account information and even teller account can be misused. External hacking is also a risk that you can face when playing online. You must always make sure that the site is completely secured.

3. Player cheating is common in online casinos. Player cheating is of two types. Sometimes players intentionally switch off the protection. This kind of abuse can be reported to the customer care for immediate solution. The other one is collusion and this kind of cheating becomes hard to spot, especially if you are new. To identify this kind of cheating you need to be alert and carefully watch the moment of the other players playing against you.

4. Addiction is another danger that most of the players face. It occurs in stages and can affect anyone. For example if you are a beginner and start earning money then you will surely want to play again. This kind of compulsion is also a kind of addiction.


Gambling Myths Busted!

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There are a lot of rumours and myths that surround online casinos, most of which are untrue. While these range from the usual examples of thinking a game is rigged or that you’ll spend more by playing online, there are a few more insidious examples like the belief that online casinos are used for money laundering and funding terrorism (they aren’t, the FBI has never said that online casinos encourage terrorism and there’s no evidence out there). But a few of the rumours are a little more convincing and we’re here to help set the record straight.

Online Casinos don’t pay out - This is perhaps the toughest one to put down as it’s not strictly false. The internet’s a big place and there are more than a few online casinos out there. Some of those are going to be tricks or cons set up by some unscrupulous individual looking to make a quick buck out of you. If you check the site thoroughly for key features like licensing and reviews and make sure they offer secure payment methods (such as Paypal) then you should be able to put your mind at ease. Of course, it helps if you use well-known and reputable brands like Betfair Casino to play it safe.

Online Gambling is Illegal - For something that people think is illegal, there are an awful lot of online casinos out there. It perhaps goes without saying, but online gambling is, in fact, completely legal (provided you’re over 18, of course) but there are certain rules and regulations that you need to be aware of and they do vary from country to country. But as with payouts, make sure the site you’re using is a legitimate one and it never hurts to read the terms and conditions to make sure you know how the law in your country affects your fun online.

Online Casinos are Rigged - Once again, this is something that could happen but with enough due diligence you can make sure that you don’t fall prey to a con artist posing as a casino. This seems to be a complaint coming from players who’ve spent more time in brick and mortar casinos and feel more comfortable seeing someone dealing the cards in front of them. The truth of the matter is, the system used by online casinos for their card tables is the same as the one in slot machines and works on a Random Number Generator (or RNG) - essentially, the odds are truly random. If you’re not sure though, you can always check the software the site uses and ensure they have a reputable program to keep things fair.

You spend more Gambling Online - This one is purely going to be up to you. While having it readily available in your pocket means that you can always place a quick bet or two on the go. You could make the case that having to physically go to the casino can help you limit your spending but at the end of the day, the only person who can stop you spending money is going to be you.

You need a Bonus to win - This is probably quite obvious by now, but if the site isn’t rigged, the bonus really is just going to be a bonus. Having a bit of extra cash to spend just means you get to play more, it won’t affect your odds of winning one way or the other.

Despite these myths largely being false, it’s always worth remembering that there are rules and regulations online that you need to be aware of and that it’s down to you gamble responsibly.

Varieties of online casino games is huge

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The number of online casino games that are offered through this web based platforms can sometimes be so overwhelming for a new user. The games are categorized into two, either web-based or download based thus giving the user an opportunity to use the option that they prefer. The popularity of these games has increased tremendously because of the convenience they offer to the player as well as the excitement that they get when they engage other players in the casino. The number of websites that offer these online casino games is also on the increase resulting in the need for players to understand what is on offer for them.

Online casino games that can be played either as an individual or with other players can be placed in three general categories. The categories that are commonly found in these online casinos are card games, table games as well as poker machines. The most popular of these online casino games are the poker machines that can either be slot machines or have video terminals. In most online casinos these machines are usually the majority due to their popularity. Personally, my favourite casino slot games are the ones who offer the advanced slots machine, but clearly the most popular ones are the poker, and specifically, most people play texas holdem games.

Table games that are part of online casino games include roulette as well as craps which have migrated from the traditional casino games. These games are differentiated from their offline counterparts in that they proceed much faster thus making them quite enjoyable. However, interacting with other players is lost when playing online table games but it does not seem to deter them from engaging in the games. Lastly, card games are also popular with those who play casino live games at for example, online with the most common being poker, baccarat and blackjack. These games are based on cards that are dealt and then it is up to the player to make decisions that will result in either a loss or win. 

The varieties of gambling and casino games you can fine online these days are huge. The idea is to find the best game for you. Try them out, and start slow. You will quickly find your favorite games and will be able to enjoy them whenever you'd like.