iPoker to Include New Mobile Clients and a New VIP System

Posted in Poker

Playtech, the iPoker operator, announced last month that iPoker will be going through significant new upgrades for its customers. Not only will there be new mobile clients and a new multi-tiered VIP system, but new tournament structures will also be part of the changes.

Mobile clients will be welcomed through Apple iOS and HTML5 apps which are to be released on select iPoker rooms. As the poker and online gaming industry expands into the world of technology, apps are now available on mobile devices for customers to play from their phones instead of having to use a computer. iPoker, having undergone such changes for new upgrades, also seems to have entered the competition for online poker rooms expanding their cliental to include mobile clients.

Along with this change, iPoker is also set to release a new “Elite VIP” system for its existing clients. With this new program, operators will be able to customize up to 54 separate tiers, allowing for divisional rewards and benefits to create prestigious VIP levels. This new Elite system will work in correspondence with previous VIP rewards. A progress bar in the poker client will allow for players to track the progress in the Elite system.

Rooms will have the ability to run year-long VIP goals. In terms of the rewards which the poker rooms will offer, a comparison of the ‘SuperElite’ loyalty program can be made to PokerStars’ annual high-volume Supernova Elite program.

The new upgrades also include new shoot out and heads up tournament formats, both in SNG and scheduled tournaments. Heads up SNGs will also have popular ‘rematch’ buttons. There will be configurable bet buttons to allow players to define bet sizing as well. The new client will roll out over all operators across iPoker’s networks providing its customers with an advanced and thrilling online gaming and poker experience.